Pollen Radio ReUse Project Update

Pollen Radio ReUse Project Update

Since my last post, I have successfully completed Step 1, releasing the Pollen 'Stem' controller/EPC and Baicells Nova 227 eNodeB from the Pollen network.

After submitting the release request it took about a week for the process to be completed. I didn't receive any updates from Pollen about the release request other than it had been successfully submitted.

I checked the Pollen network Explorer map to confirm the device status was offline, then connected directly to the Nova 227 using the default management IP, HTTP://, login admin/admin.

With both devices available for ReUse, I decided to try reconfiguring them to use Althea.net KeyLTE platform.

So far, I have completed the following;

  • Install the latest KeyLTE image on the 'Stem' compute platform using Clonezilla as the image does not have an install option.

In 0rder to make the network operational, the following steps need to be completed.

  • Request creation of new 'Operator' network on Althea. ✅
  • Register the KeyLTE gateway to this network. ✅
  • Select an Althea Exit node. ✅
  • Charge Althea wallet to pay for bandwidth using the exit node. 🛠 (In progress)
  • Configure Baicells Nova 227 to connect to Baicells Cloudcore for management. ✅
  • Configure and connect the Baicells Nova 227 so it can connect to Althea's cloud-based MME. 🛠
  • Acquire Althea SIMs to test user equipment. 🛠
My KeyLTE gateway registered on Althea Operator Tools
The default dashboard for KeyLTE gateway prior to setup

So, I'm making good progress. There are some issues with the Nova 227 MME connection, which I'm troubleshooting with support from Si and Justin at Althea.

I'm confident this approach will deliver a working solution and will provide another update once there's further progress. Stay tuned!

Let me know if there are other mobile cores you think I should test this hardware with.

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