The Devil's Tower EAP Mount(ain)

The Devil's Tower EAP Mount(ain)

I have a 3d printer and the need to place a TP-Link EAP-615 in the front room of our Brooklyn apartment, without making holes in walls, while remaining OK to look at.

The answer? A custom low-poly model of  The Devil's Tower, WY with a custom cutout for the traditionally wall-mounted AP.

Low-Poly model of Devil's Tower with cutout for TP-Link EAP-615 Wall AP

Gloriously silly things like this are exactly what I want a 3D printer for.

I did all the modeling in tinkercad, so I've made a public copy available. I've also created a copy of the whole Devil's Tower Low Poly model if you'd like to have some fun with it. If you do, please be sure to send us pictures of your own finished models.

Video of the Devil's Tower EAP Mount(ain)
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